A New Experience with DataHawk


Welcome to the new DataHawk experience! With this exciting release, we are bringing in a new era for you to win the digital shelf

What's New

  • A Revamped Home Page

    • You'll find onboarding steps for our new navigation, new DH products, a quick tutorial of the new navigation for returning users, and a featured section to show you the latest DH drops.

  • The Connections Overview

    • A new home for Connections that visualizes the product intuitively. Now track products and keywords, and add MWS and Advertising accounts from one page. Read more about Connections here

  • New Alerts UI

    • Schedule and Configure your alerts with ease and intuition. Read more about Alerts here

  • Walmart Alerts are now enabled

    • DataHawk's customizable alerts allow you to receive email notifications based on custom rules or triggers related to any changes to Walmart Products.

What's Coming

  • A new product: Intelligence

    • Intelligence, for now, includes Alerts and Reports. Soon, AI-based recommendations will come as part of a new, exciting feature: Insights. Insights will identify opportunities for your business and give you ideas on how to seize them!

    • Want to tell us how you feel about it? Here's a survey for you to give us your opinion.

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