Alerting Refresh and Tracking with Tags


What's New: Week 41/42

  • The new design of our altering module is now live! The Alerting module is now revamped and simplified! Discover it here

  • New tags for tracking keywords/products You can now add tags to products & keywords when you're tracking them here. Just click on "Track products/keywords" > "Add tags" to test the feature!

Fixes and improvements

  •  Fix UI issues on old browsers versions
    Increased old browser support

  • Bug Fix for Tracked product list Report

What's Coming

  • The first version of Annual billing is being developed to subscribe yearly to our plans Exciting benefits to look forward to: You can soon plan costs and spending. Lower prices and cost competitiveness (up to 50% savings when billed Annually)

  • We now offer some of our most popular insights for sellers on the Walmart Marketplace. We expanded several of our powerful tools to work with Walmart's marketplace.

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