Feather, Claw or Hawk? Pick your favourite plan!


Calling it a wrap on the year with some exciting features and updates :)

What's New

  • Annual Billing Update
    We now have three exciting annual/monthly plans to choose from: Feather, Claw, and Hawk

    • Additional payment methods are now added :

      • Apple Pay

      • Google Pay

  • Added features for Walmart

    • Discover the Walmart Projects and track Product & Keywords

    • Walmart BSR is now available to discover, track competitors and bestsellers in your preferred category

  • Now set up alerts based on different variations of your products Do your customers pick the blender in red, blue, or maybe black?

Fixes and improvements

  • We now display the number of Projects/Products and Keywords to keep track of tracked items easily

  • Fixed a minor number type error for CoGS in the Finance Module

  • UX fixes to improve BSR and finance module

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